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Graphite Pieces

  • High Carbon Graphite Scrap

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    High Carbon Graphite Scrap

    Our graphite scrap is graphite electrode scrap, it is high carbon graphite scrap,carbon content min 98.5%, good quality, we are China manufacturer, we have much in stock and give very reasonable price. welcome to inquiry and visit our factory to discuss cooperation.Read More

  • Graphite Electrode Scrap

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    Graphite Electrode Scrap

    We are Chinese manufacturer to produce high purity graphite electrode scrap, Our graphite electrode scrap is good quality,carbon content is min 98.5%, very high purity graphite electrode scrap, it can use to be recarburizer and lubricant in Metallurgical industry.Read More

  • High Purity Graphite Scrap

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    High Purity Graphite Scrap

    High purity graphite scrap belong to Graphite particles, also known as graphite columns, can also be called small-sized graphite rods, etc., because of the different industries they use, their names are different, but their products are the same, we usually call them graphite...Read More

  • Low Sulfur Graphite Scrap

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    Low Sulfur Graphite Scrap

    We produce good quality graphite scrap,high carbon,low sulfur, carbon content min98.5%, sulfur content max 0.05%.graphite scrap can be used as refractory material in metallurgical industry, graphite scrap also can be conductive materials in the electrical industry.Read More

  • High Carbon Graphite Lump

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    High Carbon Graphite Lump

    We are high carbon graphite lump manufacturer,our graphite lump is high carbon,carbon content min 98.5%, our graphite lump actually is graphite electrode lump, they are all made from the droped lump when machine graphite electrode, so our graphite lump quality is really good.Read More

  • Graphite Electrode Lump

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    Graphite Electrode Lump

    Graphite electrode scrap is widely used as a carbon carburizing agent in steel making furnace, reducing agent in chemical industry, and one of the important raw materials for the production of carbon blocks for aluminum. Welcome to inquiry and visit our factory,we would like...Read More

  • High Purity Graphite Lump

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    High Purity Graphite Lump

    We are Chinese graphite electrode and graphite lump manufacturer, supply high purity Graphite lump, high purity means high carbon content MIN 98.5%, low sulfur MAX 0.05%, high purity graphite lump is high quality level, but we can give cheap price, discount price, as we are...Read More

  • Low Sulfur Graphite Lump

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    Low Sulfur Graphite Lump

    We are Chinese manufacturer,our graphite lump is low sulfur graphite lump, our low sulfur graphite lump come from the scrap when machining graphite electrode, so the carbon content is same as graphite electrode, MIN 98.5% carbon, MAX 0.05% sulfur,our graphite lump quality is...Read More

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