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UHP Graphite Electrode

  • Ultra High Power Graphite Electrodes

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    Ultra High Power Graphite Electrodes

    UHP grade electrode is ultra high power graphite electrodes.
    please check belpw our UHP grade advantages:
    1 High purity and high density, strong chemical stability
    2 Surface can be treated with anti-oxidation, long service life
    3 General power...
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  • Arc Furnace Electrode

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    Arc Furnace Electrode

    Arc furnace electrode is the graphite electrode which used in electric arc furnace. In steel plant,now most steel factory use electric arc furnace to smelting iron and steel, we produce graphite electrode and sale to steel factoty,we are chinese graphite electrode...Read More

  • High Quality Graphite Electrode

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    High Quality Graphite Electrode

    Graphite electrode usually divided into RP,HP,UHP grade. UHP grade is the higest quality grade, we are manufacturer, we have complete produce line, we sale to cutomer directly, so we can control cost and give low price and guarantee in high quality. Welcome to visit and...Read More

  • High Density Graphite Electrode

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    High Density Graphite Electrode

    High density graphite electrode is good quality graphite electrode, the highest density electrode is UHP grade graphite electrode, usually UHP grade have low resistance and high density, UHP grade graphite electrode can use more longer than RP and HP grade graphite electrode.Read More

  • Needle Coke Graphite Electrode

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    Needle Coke Graphite Electrode

    Needle coke graphite electrode is high quality electrode,we use high quality needle coke as raw material to make it, UHP grade is made use needle coke. We have complete production lines, which include raw material mixing, forming line, baking line, impregnation equipment,...Read More

  • High Carbon Electrode

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    High Carbon Electrode

    Graphite electrode is high carbon electrode.We also provide various types of graphite products for the chemical, automotive, petroleum, electronics, semiconductor, steel, powder metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, rare metals, aerospace, scientific experiments and other...Read More

  • Graphite Electrode for Arc Furnaces

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    Graphite Electrode for Arc Furnaces

    Usually there are 2 kinds of furnace in steel factory,electric arc furnace and ladle furnace,high density electrode use in EAF, for ladle furnace, they can use some electrode which density is lower than EAF electrode, but certainly they also can use high density electrode in...Read More

  • Big Size Graphite Electrode

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    Big Size Graphite Electrode

    We are graphite electrode manufacturer, we have all size graphite electrode from DIA 100mm to 700, and have more large size like DIA 780mm for silicon factory use.big size graphite electrode usually measns graphite electrode which is more than DIA 450mm graphite electrode.Read More

  • Length 2400mm Graphite Electrode

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    Length 2400mm Graphite Electrode

    We are China supplier of graphite electrode´╝îgraphite electrode length standard is 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm, 2700mm. The most used length for UHP grade is 2400mm. Even though the length have standard, but we can cut as cutomer request, we can cut in any length cuistomer want.Read More

  • Good Needle Electrode

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    Good Needle Electrode

    RP grade use high-quality petroleum coke as raw material, HP grade is made of needle coke and petroleum coke as raw material, UHP grade is made of toal high-quality needle coke as raw material. Our needle coke graphite electrode is made of good quality Japanese needle coke.Read More

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