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RP Graphite Electrode

  • Regular Power Graphite Electrodes

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    Regular Power Graphite Electrodes

    We are regular power graphite electrodes manufacturer. Regular power graphite electrodes is RP grade graphite electrode.for regular power graphite electrodes,we have DIA 75mm to 700mm,length usually 1800mm and 2100mm(we also can cut length according to your requirement.)Read More

  • RP Grade Graphite Electrodes

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    RP Grade Graphite Electrodes

    Graphite electrode usually divided in RP,HP,UHP grade, RP grade graphite electrodes is Basic level,graphite electrode is an important product in the market of graphite electrodes, most of the small-scale steel-making enterprises in the market use RP graphite electrodes .we...Read More

  • Carbon Graphite Electrode

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    Carbon Graphite Electrode

    Carbon graphite electrode,we supply RP,HP UHP grade carbon graphite electrode.RP grade use high-quality petroleum coke as raw material, mainly used for electric arc furnace steelmaking, metal silicon smelting,HP grade is made of needle coke and petroleum coke as raw...Read More

  • Graphite Electrode with Nipple

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    Graphite Electrode with Nipple

    Graphite electrode with nipple,usually we sale graphite electrode preset nipple,one electrode preseet with one nipple. Graphite electrode nipples is a graphite electrode accessory, used with graphite electrode. Nipple needs to be screwed into the electrode and must be...Read More

  • Length 1800mm RP Graphite Electrode

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    Length 1800mm RP Graphite Electrode

    According to the electric power level difference in electric furnace, and also according to the different raw materials used in the production electrode, the graphite electrode is divided into three types accordingly:RP, HP, UHP grade graphite electrode.Read More

  • Length 2100mm RP Graphite Electrode

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    Length 2100mm RP Graphite Electrode

    RP graphite electrodes are produced use petroleum coke.we supply 2100mm RP graphite electrode in low price and have much stock. 1800mm and 2100mm length is 2 kinds of length standard, but we can cut to any length you want. We can total satify customer requirement.Read More

  • Graphite Electrode and Nipple

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    Graphite Electrode and Nipple

    We are China supplier of graphite electrode and nipple.We rely on advanced production equipment, strong technical skill, complete quality testing methods and strict inspection system. The graphite products produced have high strength, Resistant to high temperatures high and...Read More

  • Good Electrode Graphite

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    Good Electrode Graphite

    Graphite electrode is a kind of conductive material which can resist high temperature, oxidation,and corrosion. Graphite electrode is usually used in electric arc furnace for smelting steel, ore furnace (production of ferroalloy, metal silicon, phosphorus, matte calcium...Read More

  • Low Resistance Graphite Electrode

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    Low Resistance Graphite Electrode

    We are chinese manufacturer for low resistance, high density graphite electrode. We also provide customers with comprehensive engineering design services and advanced processing technologies for complex-shaped graphite products. The graphite electrodes produced are designed...Read More

  • High Carbon Graphite Electrode

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    High Carbon Graphite Electrode

    Graphite electrode has many excellent properties, it has been widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electrical, chemical, textile, national defense and other industrial sectors. With the continuous improvement of arc power and continuous optimization of smelting technology,...Read More

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