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      ABOUT US

      The predecessor of CRSC Wanquan signal equipment CO.,LTD is Zhejiang Wanquan signal equipment CO.,LTD esbalished in March 1996. In December 2013, CRSC (China Railway Signal Communication Co.Ltd) invested and increased capital into Zhejiang Wanquan, the CRSC Wanquan is now the secondary enterprise of CRSC. The registered capital of CRSC Wanquan is 84.33MRMB Yuan, and the business scope is: manufacturing,

      CRSC Wanquan is qualified national high-tech enterprise with province high-tech R&D center and tram signal R&D institution in Hangzhou. CRSC Wanquan is the key industry enterprises of Wenling City and certified for import/export operation, and CRSC Wanquan is also ISO9001 QM certified enterprise. CRSC Wanquan has an excellent credit rating and is a very trustful contract-keeping company.

      The main products line of CRSC Wanquan includes: system integration (Tram signal control system, WQ-2000 computerized interlocking system, WQ-TDCS smart Dispatching integrated information system, WQ-TC train auto-select route-in system, Turnout monitoring system); electrical switch machine; ZPW-2000 coding system; level crossing signaling system and LED signal. CRSC Wanquan products can cover the application for urban public transportation, railway traffic and industry depots. Most of the key products have patents and have been inspected and tested by authorized departments to insure the products’ advantage and reliability.

      Wanquan is one of the industry leaders of tram signal system starting R&D of tram signal equipment and system from year 2000, Wanquan is the only one company who has the reference of exiting project with a localization rate of 95%. The tram signal system of Wanquan has been used in Daliang, Tianjin Binghai and Shanghai Zhangjiang. In May 2012, Wanquan wan the Shenyang Hunnan tram projects with 4 tram lines. All of the projects has been completed in August 2013. It indicates a successful replacement of Wanquan tram signal system.

      CRSC Wanquan will focus on upgrade and improvements of new tram signal system in the future. We will deliver our developed products with excellent quality and great technical support to our customers. CRSC Wanquan will keep as the national leader of tram signal system in China with continuous R&D.

      Hangzhou R&D center:   Haiyun International Building,
      building 1,Nanxing Street,
      Shangcheng District,Hangzhou
      PHONE NO.:   0571-86699948
      FAX:   0571-86699950
      WENLING:   Shuguang East Road,No。
      619,Chengdong District,
      Phone NO.:   0576-89962820/86191528
      FAX:   0576-86191779
      EMAIL:   thwq@crsc.com.cn